FACE was developed by Lizelle Lötter. In 2005 Lötter received her Masters degree in Narrative Therapy at UNISA. She specialised in group therapy for Primary School children. Since then Lizelle has been experimenting with different concepts and ideas around developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Emotional Competence through narrative group therapy in Primary Schools. During this process she got fascinated with the idea of empowering Primary School children with language for their emotions.

Throughout this whole process, Lizelle developed the tool that was later called “FACE”. Lötter has presented workshops for parents, therapists and pastors. Even though this product was developed out of the fascination for children and their language surrounding their emotions, “FACE” is not limited to any age group, culture or situation The interest around “FACE” is constantly growing. Lizelle plans to do a lot more research and development of this process.

Lizelle mostly working with children but she also has extensive experience in working with adults, parents and families in general. Lötter is the first phase on doing a doctorate in the value of the product “FACE” and the process used in “FACE” for counselling in general at UNISA. Lizelle and a friend is also developing a childrens book on FACE. Currently she fascinated by a persons “concept of self” and the influence of “self”-labelling. She in the process of developing a new product called “Labels”.

The Product

The product consists of 44 emotion-faces, referred to as “Emofaces” and a rubber strip, called a “Plotting-line”.

The 44 emotions that make up FACE:

Afraid, Alone, Angry, Bored, Busy, Confused, Courageous, Discouraged, Disgust, Disappointed, Excited, Frustrated, Guilty, Happy, Hopeful, Hurt, Impatient, In Love, Inferior, Irritated, Jealous, Longing, Motivated, Negative, Overwhelmed, Pain, Peaceful, Powerless, Proud, Rejected, Relieved, Sad, Satisfied, Skeptical, Shocked, Shy, Sick, Silly, Stress, Surprise, Thankful, Tired, Unsure and Worried.

You experience +/- 22 emotions at any given time! How many can you recall without help? Go to HELP! I BATTLE WITH MY EMOTIONS to identify the emotions you are experiencing.

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